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In theory, everyone wants a clean office space, but that doesn’t happen in the snap of your fingers.

To have a consistently clean office environment, you must either have a dedicated internal staff, or you need to hire a reliable outside custodial services company. When budgets come into the picture, the question really comes down to the worth of a clean facility.

The truth is, a clean facility will promote happier and healthier employees. Happy employees are more engaged at work, are more satisfied, and are less likely to leave. Healthy employees use fewer sick-days, can lower insurance rates, and ultimately, are more productive. So what’s the real impact of having happy and healthier employees thanks to a clean office?

1. A Routinely Cleaned Office Promotes a More Positive Environment

When employees walk into a workspace that is disheveled and dirty, morale is immediately diminished. Time and time again, we’ve found that the less management cares about the condition of their work environment, the less effort team members put forth to keep the space clean. It’s easy for people to conclude, “if management doesn’t care, why should I?”

Imagine constantly dirty bathrooms, an overflowing fridge, and sloppy floors thanks to Michigan’s four seasons. As bad of an impression as that is on your employees, day in and day out, imagine the message you are sending to any customer who visits your facility.

Alternatively, a routinely cleaned office promotes respect and responsibility. If instead, your employees come into a work-space that is clean, organized, and fresh, they will feel a sense of pride about working for you. Your team members will spend more time focused on their work rather than distracted by the mess surrounding them. The last thing you want is your employees feeling depressed or unfocused when they walk into the office.

If your staff sees that you are investing in keeping a clean facility, they will be much more likely to participate in the upkeep of their work environment. People will make sure that their trash bins are filled and available on pick-up day, they will be more likely to put their dishes in the dishwasher, and clean out the fridge as needed. If people see others making an effort, they will be more inclined to keep up and not be the one always making a mess. In the end, they will show more respect for you and the facility in which they work. Wouldn’t it be great to create a place where your employees are proud to work?

Another benefit of having a clean office and a team who shows respect and responsibility is the message it sends to your customers. When someone walks into your space, you want to send the message that your company cares about the details and that you take care of what is important.

2. A Routinely Cleaned Office Limits Germs and Mitigates Illness

There is no question – an office that is not regularly cleaned is teeming with germs and bacteria. While you can’t force people to wash their hands or wipe down their work surfaces, you CAN limit germs and mitigate illness with routine cleaning.

If your facility is professionally cleaned on a weekly basis, you can be assured that the major germ-promoting areas will be handled. This is particularly important during flu and cold season. Too many companies are hindered by dozens of employees calling in sick thanks to the one person who didn’t stay home when they should have. Employees who come to work sick expose the rest of your team to germs. Not to mention, sick employees are not productive employees.

Again, if you make having a clean environment a priority, your employees will be more likely to follow your example. The hope is, as you decrease the number of germs in your environment, fewer people will get sick. As you see the number of illnesses decrease, you will see increased productivity.

Having a clean office doesn’t have to be a burden. Partnering with Go Greener, who uses professional-grade disinfectant cleaners and has a proven process of creating custodial service plans customized to our client’s needs, can whip your space into shape in no time.

Our commitment is to make your office feel as good as it looks. The Go Greener custodial team is built on the belief that cleaning is more than just wiping down surfaces. We keep your office in order so you can focus on your work successfully, efficiently, and enjoyably. After all, an uncluttered mind is a productive and creative mind.

Ready to have a clean office that will make your employees happier and healthier? Click here for your free quote!